Mental Counceling

Practice in Leonding near Linz

Here I take time for your worries and challenges. In a relaxed surrounding I assist you in identifying/ specifiying, /naming what burdens you, in working on it and in developing solutions, putting these into action and thus taking new courage for life.

My clients benefit from the combination of my artistic inclinations, my own blows of fate, the experience from many years of clinical practice and the insights gained from my scientific research (e.g. concerning resilience).

Contact me for an initial consultation by phone +43-(0)5-768084-25212 or mobile phone +43-(0)664-50 155 63, e-mail:

Practice Lower Austria

Please feel free to contact me in my other practice location in Lower Austria: This relaxed atmosphere and rural surroundings are ideal conditions for a successful treatment: finding solutions for challenges that have entered our life and are demanding change. I will assist you in setting the stage for a renewed and fulfilling phase in your life – all the while accompanying you empathically. 

My practice is near Wiener Neustadt, at 2732 Höflein an der Hohen Wand, Quellenstraße 37.   

Focus of Counseling

Coping with physical illness

Possibly you are facing a heart condition, a by-pass operation or a valvular heart defect or have had this experience, you may be dealing with fears concerning your heart: an intracardiac catheter, a pacemaker, a stress ECG – what can you expect of yourself, how ill are you, how well are you? Or are you suffering from another illness that burdens you, that is giving you trouble? I would like to counsel you with my personal and specialist qualifications, assist you in your challenges and help you in regaining new quality for your life and in feeling better all-around.

Problems in raising children and/or adolescents

As parents you are dealing with exciting – at times challenging – tasks: your child’s problems in nursery school, in school or apprenticeship can be eased or brought to solution. Tensions in your relationship to your children can be eased.

Relationships, Family

In every system tension can occur. Often speechlessness, caused by problems, can be catalyst for seemingly insoluble problems. You can take the first step by entering into conversations that will make successful partnership, successful family systems possible again.


Working hard, yet feeling completely stressed out with students/clients/patients/, with your superiors and colleagues; you as an individual or as a group can find remedy, relieve the inner pressure and steer toward solutions.

Mental Problems

Wherever the shoe pinches, wherever in life has put you, as a human being I surely can emphatize with your situation, as a psychologist my expertise will assist you. 

In a quiet atmosphere, with a view into nature, relax here in my practice and get hold on new courage for living. Experiences in my own life which tooke me to the limit, and well-founded professional training here and internationally enable me to help in an adequate and purposeful manner.

Please make an appointment by contacting me by phone or email. 

A very special heart lesson

When children suffer from heart problems, not only parents and family face major challenges, also schoolmates find themselves in a demanding situation.

Many questions remain unanswered, the children often do not know how to deal with the patient.

Es wird immer wieder angeboten, dass Klassen, in denen Schüler/innen mit dieser Thematik konfrontiert sind, von mir besucht werden. Ich halte eine sogenannte “Herzstunde”, in der ich den Kindern erkläre, was die Ursachen und Auswirkungen der Erkrankung sind. Auf kindgerechte Art nehme ich auf diese Weise Berührungsängste. Gerade für kranke Kinder ist es wichtig, einen Teil Normalität aufrecht halten zu können und nicht von der Gemeinschaft ausgeschlossen zu werden. Durch das Gespräch und altersgemäße Auseinandersetzung mit der Thematik (oft spielerisch) können unbegründete Ängste genommen werden. Unbefangenerer Umgang mit den Betroffenen wird gefördert. Meine eigene Biografie als jugendlicher Herzpatient hilft mir, mich in die Fragen der Kinder einzufühlen.

This school project was supported by the Heart Children Association Austria from the start and is now being implemented across Austria according to scientific criteria based on evidence (see